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Operating a “Bank Ready”


Meet top talent in a unique experience in Las Vegas.
Get involved with a new way of thinking about the future and make valuable connections in your business.

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Our speakers

John Mautner

Amazon #1 best selling author, entrepreneur and leader in the field of enhancing small and mid-sized business profitability

Jeff Kohl

30+ Years C-Suite Experience, Head of BBSI's Las Vegas Team as a leading provider of business management services

Joseph Amato

District Director for the Small Business Administration (SBA) for the State of Nevada & National Expert in Business Banking

Understanding the Business Loan process and Successfully Securing a Bank Loan - 3 Hours

It is vital for you, the business owner and borrower, to understand that the business loan process is not clean, concise or simple. This detailed presentation will outline specific bank expectations and requirements and will fully explain to you, the borrower, how to eliminate mistakes and misinterpretations leading you to successfully submitting a “bank ready” application and receiving lender approval for your business loan request.

Presenter: Joseph Amato is the District Director for the Small Business Administration (SBA) for the State of Nevada. Joe has distinct and specific knowledge of all SBA lending and other support programs. He spent the previous 25 years as the CEO of a boutique consulting firm specializing in working with small and mid-sized businesses in gaining business loans from banks and private lenders. Joe will share his wealth of experience and knowledge both while presenting and answering questions from all our seminar attendees.

How To Turn Your Company Into A Profitable High Growth Enterprise- 1 hour

This interactive session will help you, the business owner and driver of growth, find ideas worth hundreds of thousands of dollars hidden in your business, help organize and prioritize the most immediately profitable ideas and how to empower your employees to work to drive profitable and faster growth. In this high-impact hour long workshop, you will learn that what got you to where you are today needs to be refined, improved and in some cases, discarded, in order to reach your next level of business and financial success. Banks lend to businesses that are growing, remain profitable and are not stuck at the same level of income every year.

Presenter: John Mautner is an Amazon #1 best selling author, entrepreneur and leader in the field of enhancing small and mid-sized business growth, profitability and performance. These strategies and principles led John to build four successful companies. Inc. Magazine awarded John’s first businesses, started at his age 26, as an Inc. 500 winner and one of America’s fastest growing companies. Having founded Cycle of Success Institute (COSi) in 2001, John works to help fellow entrepreneurs achieve greater success with rapid growth through business coaching. 

Operating Your Company In A Complex and Ever-Changing Business Climate- 1 Hour

Knowing what to do, as the business owner and keeper of your company’s culture, with regard to the human resource, payroll and risk management issues which arise daily is foundational to your business’s success. Having access to senior-level, experienced professionals with whom you can partner to develop a blueprint for developing your employees enhances the bottom-line. These activities give today’s business owner  much-needed leverage to grow the business. Truly there are no real business problems that cannot be solved logically; there are really only people challenges that require thoughtful and interactive management. Learn about these tools and how they are available for you to use in your company today. Banks favor businesses that invest in their greatest asset, their people.

Presenter: Jeff Kohl brings three decades of C-Suite experience in leadership with broad expertise in business development and management, marketing, sales, retailing, operations and programming and services. He now heads BBSI’s Las Vegas team as a leading provider of business management solutions. Jeff’s visionary, innovative and results-driven style has been a driving force throughout his career. He will share the significant contributions and trend-setting innovations across the numerous and varied industries he has led over his career.

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The problem for today’s small to mid-sized business owner is that he or she spends most of their time day-to-day working in their business not on their business. The business owner is normally forced to pay attention to what’s most urgent each day, not what’s most important, which oftentimes can lead to exhaustion and frustration.  Their primary focus should be on growing the company revenues and profitability but that is not normally the case for most business owners. Instead they become repeatedly saddled with unsatisfying results due to insufficient information and access to capital. We understand this and will share with you important information to deal with these challenges in this seminar for Business Owners Only.

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There is no greater privilege than to work for yourself. With great privilege comes substantial responsibility. Today’s fast moving world requires constant innovation, attracting and retaining the best people available in the marketplace and assess to capital to grow and prosper. Being “bank ready” means today’s business owner has the operational resources necessary to grow and fund their business. Come and learn what successful businesses understand as reality every day of their existence.

Price: $595

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